Friday, March 23, 2007


Here you will be able to view and purchase my current range of designs, all my designs are completely made by me and are also protected by copyright.
I hope you will enjoy looking at my designs and if you are interested in purchasing them you may email me your order and I will invoice you to pay by paypal.
This is also the email address for queries you have about Daisy Lupin Designs.
The prices are all INCLUSIVE of posting and packaging and are listed in American Dollars.
Please note that NONE of my designs are toys and are not made to be given to young children.
Also colours of the items may vary, please ask if there is a particular colour you want in the 'hug me' toys,' daisy fae girls', 'podlings' and 'daisy lupin fripperies' otherwise it will be a random choice.
Cards, collages and gift tags, are sold as seen on the site.
The only items I never keep in stock are the Spirit Dolls these are specially made items.
Enjoy your look around my showcase.
All my art in any medium, photos and text are under the copyright of ©Daisy Lupin and is not to be copied or reproduced in any way. Thank you.
Healing Spirit and Goddess Dolls

©Daisy Lupin

©Daisy Lupin

©Daisy Lupin
These are all specially made on a one to one basis. I take into consideration the personality, traits and favourite things of the person the doll is for. You end up with a piece of original art, no two will ever be exactly the same. Please see the examples below.

The dolls are made with felt bodies and embellished with all sorts of materials, beads, fabrics sequins etc. They are between 8 and 10 inches in height. You can specify whether you would like a ribbon sewn into the doll to enable you to hang it on a wall.
Daisy Lupin Fripperies
Springtime Girls

©Daisy Lupin

These are hanging egg shaped stuffed felt pieces with Green Lady Faces embellished with fabric leaves, flowers and beads. Around 5 inches long. Colours in stock Lavender and Pale Blue


Flower Girls
©Daisy Lupin

These are hanging round stuffed felt pieces with Green Lady Faces coming out of a fabric flower and leaves and embellished with sequins and beads. Just over 3 inches across. Colours in stock White, Pale Blue
Felt Hearts
©Daisy Lupin

These are stufffed felt hearts embellished with flowers, sequins, beads and other pretties. Just over 3 inches. Colours in stock Lavender
Podling Treasures [First Batch]
©Daisy Lupin

These are tiny stuffed little shapes [faeries who have not yet hatched ] which come with an adoption certificate and a scroll telling the unique Podling Story. Please make sure you are not duped into buying similar items that are around. There are is only one true Podling [a fairy chrysalis] invented by and designed only by Daisy Lupin. Love your Podling and it will look after you. Around 3 inches long. Material embellished with sequins, feathers, and any assortment of beads, metal shells.